Monad Manifesto – required reading for Powerhell users

09 September,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Jeffrey Snover published a paper titled “Monad Manifesto”  on August 8th, 2002, focusing on the long-term vision of Powershell. For DBAs   , Powershell has simplified common automation tasks. Also , is a very handy language for common problems , such as –  file manipulation, reporting , log management, patch updates and a very long list of powershell scripts

The paper differentiates between the traditional approach of Administrative tasks and a new approach. This point is central to the paper.   Traditional approach is defined as developers \ administrators defining functions repeatedly in a non-common way.   The new approach is defined as exposing .Net classes (cmdlets) as APIs, tested and introduced as a common set of semantics with one way of writing the error message.

I attended two Teched 2013 sessions where Jeffrey Snover discussed Powershell . “Desired State Configuration” and “Windows Powershell Unplugged”. In both sessions , we were treated to an erudite explanation of the principles underpinning Powershell.

The interesting aspect of the Monad Manifesto is to compare the documented vision with how Powershell has progressed.  Although the Monad Manifesto is not a paper about  Powershell ,  it is impressive how the  progress of Powershell has aligned with the vision.

Read the Monad Manifesto --> Monad Manifesto

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