Keep it simple!

05 July,2013 by Tom Collins

How do you keep it simple as a DBA? How can you spend more of your professional DBA time focused on the essentials of DBA work?

Much of the DBA job is focused on technical skills but the way you work is a critical component.

Some rules I follow . I want to stress: these rules are a guideline .. the reality is often different.

Concentrate on one task at a time. Focus on the detail of every task . Think single-task, don’t multi-task. Be deliberate in your tasks – don’t just rush around because a senior person has requested a task.

Finish the task completely. If you can’t finish the task and need to move onto another task – have a process set up to allow a reminder for later. Take notes. Documenting everything is essential to being organised and learning. Read more on the 7 habits of highly effective DBAs

Do less. I’m not suggesting to work less. There’s no requirement for the endless task list. Doing less is the goal, but make sure what you do is completed with concentration and focus on documenting,  automating and root cause. Get out of the habit of rushing , this usually leads to errors and outages.Organise your calendar and allow spaces between tasks\meetings etc. Take time to relax.

Devote time to organising.Think about what tasks are most important and work at becoming an effective DBA.Time management is key

Reflect on what is necessary for the DBA job, It’s very easy in the corporate world to be embroiled in unnecessary detail.

Keep it simple! Is every DBA task necessary? Attempt to clear out all unnecessary and unessential aspects. For example, email rules, automations, focus on settings systems properly from the outset, focus on exceptions. Some info on SQL Server DBA Top 10 automation tasks


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