How to create a clickable link in Powershell

19 July,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Question : From the script below , I’m placing a file name in a variable. How can I doubleclick  the filename using Powershell , so it opens in a suitable client ?


srcDir = "C:\temp\STA\"
$File = Get-ChildItem $srcDir\myfile.* | % { ($_.basename)}
echo $File


Answer:  One method is to output  the link to a html file.  The user can  click on the link.

The example below can expanded in all sorts of ways. One way to extend is to place multiple files in an array and output into a html page 

Let’s break this down

Step 1: Source the file using Get-ChildItem

Step 2: Create a variable for the output file

Step 3: Create variables for the link and link title values

Step 4: Create a New-ObjectPSObject and Convert-To-html

Step 5: Use the HtmlDecode method  and the Set-Content cmdlet to write the data to the text file or in this case the html file


$srcDir = "C:\projects\testing\laboratory"
$File = Get-ChildItem $srcDir\Servers.txt

$outputfile = 'C:\projects\testing\laboratory.html'

#Step 3: extract the base name to generate the link text
$PageTitle  = $File | % { ($_.basename)}
$PageLink = $File 

#Step 4
$link = New-Object PSObject -Property @{
    PageUrl = "$PageTitle"  
} | ConvertTo-Html

#Step 5
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Web
[System.Web.HttpUtility]::HtmlDecode($link) | Set-Content  $outputfile

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