Calculate the Size of Index

29 July,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Question: How can I calculate the index size in kilobytes for individual indexes?

Sp_spaceused returns the aggregate size of indexes in a table , but I need the individual indexes. I’ve read How to find the largest sql index and table size  which does a good job of returning index disk usage , but doesn’t return individual indexes.


Answer: One method  is to query on the sys.dm_db_partition_stats. Every partition page and row-count information is maintained.

The used_page_count column returns the total number of pages used for the partition. By grouping together these pages on the index name and adding the used_page_count,  returns the disk space used.


SELECT ix.[name] AS IndexName
      ,SUM(ps.[used_page_count]) * 8 AS IndexSize_KB 
FROM sys.dm_db_partition_stats AS ps 
JOIN sys.indexes AS ix 
ON ps.[object_id] = ix.[object_id] 
AND ps.[index_id] = ix.[index_id] 
GROUP BY ix.[name]

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