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21 June,2013 by Jack Vamvas

I watched a great documentary last night called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. It is about the sushi master Jiro Ono – who  is on an infinite quest to perfection. Apart from being a fascinating insight into  a certain aspect of Japanese culture , it also introduced me to a  new concept - Shokunin

Shokunin – roughly translates as – perfecting one’s craft – the spirit of the true artisan. Honing the craft , in summary , someone who is a master of something and is concerned with perfection of the craft rather than money. It is both an attitude and social consciousness.

This philosophy takes a great deal of self discipline and dedication. Most people I know attempt to incorporate some of this spirit , but need to weigh up against economic realities  with  developing the right habits.

I posted DBA and the end of time management discussing an approach to increase effectiveness and not just focus on efficiency. It's interesting to compare these ideas.

 In the movie – Yamamoto – the food critic – puts forth an explanation Jiro’s intense work ethic

1)       Be serious about your work

2)       Constant aspiration to improve

3)       Cleanliness at all times

4)       Be a leader , not a collaborator – i.e never satisfied

5)       Passion


My translation of point 3 –  is orderliness of mind or clarity of thought.

These are interesting ideas . Does applying them make you more productive and creative?

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