The value of training and How to convince your boss

22 May,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Value of training for DBAs

Improved SQL Server performance

Reduced server loads

Increased uptime

Less reworking of solutions


How to convince your boss


1) Present a detailed plan –  Include all aspects include the training\conference\seminar details and costs.Don't sound vague. Clear communication

2) Outline how the company will benefit  - I cannot state this point enough – what is their ROI? All companies are interested in how your training will benefit their bottom-line. Even though professional development  is mentioned – it’s always in the context of ROI.

3) “What if we  train them and they leave?” – the flip side is “What if we don’t train them and they stay?”  , this can have a long – term corrosive  effect on everyone.

4) Team effort -  Can you translate into a team effort? Are there knowledge transfer possibilities?

5) Give Better advice – You will be able to give better advice on a range of technologies – consider the range of DBA responsibilities : RDBMS, storage, virtualization.


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