Task Manager not showing correct SQL Server memory usage

23 May,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Task Manager is not showing the correct SQL Server memory usage. I have a SQL Server 2008 running on a Windows 2008 64 bit server.The task manager shows 100k , but I know I’n using 24 GB. What server configurations cause this problem?

Task Manager should not be used to report on SQL Server memory usage . Use the physical_memory_in_use_kb on the sys.dm_os_process_memory. Here’s the strange thing – this query will indicate whether locked pages is enabled. If locked pages is enabled ,Task Manager may not show all the memory used by SQL Server.


SELECT physical_memory_in_use_kb,locked_page_allocations_kb, 
  FROM sys.dm_os_process_memory WITH (NOLOCK) OPTION (RECOMPILE);


To check if Lock Pages is enabled read Cannot use Large Page Extensions: lock memory privilege was not granted.

Note:  If the SQL Service Account is using a Local Administrator account, the Lock Pages in Memory is inherited as part of the elevated permissions in the OS.  By default,  Locked Pages in memory is off, but using a Local Administrator Account as a SQL Service Account is not a good idea and open to security breaches.


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Author: Jack Vamvas (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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