SQL Database Corruption

30 May,2013 by Tom Collins

SQL Database Corruption - What steps should I follow to prepare for database corruption?

SQL Database corruption errors can occur during the read – write process, transaction processing , storing data leading to data integrity issues.  A SQL suspect database can strike fear into any DBA, but there are steps to which can lead to decreased stress levels.

It is a major part of the DBA job to protect the data and establish countermeasures to the threat of database corruption.

What steps are you taking to protect SQL Server data?

1) What maintenance operations are you running to identify and resolve database corruption?

2) Do you have a list of best practises or a policy document detailing steps to take if corruption is suspected?

3) Are you and your team aware of common practises  that make the problem worse, once corruption is identified?

4) Do you documented  steps , recovery methods and necessary emergency contacts ?

5) Do you have a rock-solid backup strategy reflecting the critical recovery points of the organization? This is common DBA mistake - read more Top 10 DBA mistakes

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7 Essential Steps to Recover a Corrupt SQL Server Database


Author: Tom Collins (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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