Performance Tuning - Save hundreds of hours

06 May,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Save hundreds of hours of SQL Query Tuning time by following this general approach to query tuning and query optimization efforts.

 Query performance  tuning is a complex area and can be made more difficult if changes are implemented in the incorrect order. ALWAYS do it in this order – as changing system level configurations can undo SQL Statement Tuning . For example, if you make a RAID level change – this may impact query run times.

This general approach is a guide – but is not always practical in an emergency situation , where a pragmatic approach is required to solve the immediate issue

1) Server level tuning

SQL Server - Disk IO performance and SQLIO - SQL Server DBA

2) SQL Server Instance Tuning

Affinity Mask on SQL Server 2008 R2 - SQL Server DBA

3) SQL Server Object Tuning

Concurrency Control – Optimistic and Pessimistic - SQL Server DBA

4) Query Tuning

How to troubleshoot a slow running query - SQL Server DBA


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