Multi-statement table valued function and inefficient Excecution Plan

16 May,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Working with Multi-statement table valued function can cause the SQL Optimizer to not estimate accurately the amount of rows. The SQL Optimizer cannot \ doesn’t know the amount of rows ,  building the execution plan on guesswork .    This can result in an  inefficient execution plan causing the Estimated number of rows = 1

Similar problems are experienced when working with Table Variables or Recursive CTEs. Read up on SQL Table variable and temporary table

This basic example illustrates the problem. Below the code , I’ve included the execution plan from Test 1 (using the select statement calling function)  and Test 2 ( a straightforward SELECT statement)

In Test 1 – the estimated Rows are 1 and in Test 2 – the estimated rows are 999. 

Avoid using Multi-statement table valued function  in these situations. Focus on creating code which allows the SQL Optimizer to make an accurate estimate .


use master
--create a table to store the values
create table jvtest
values_insert nvarchar(100)
--add rows to the table
declare @cnt INT
SET @cnt = 0 
while @cnt < 1000
  INSERT INTO jvtest 
  select @cnt, @cnt
set @cnt = @cnt + 1

--create a multi statement table valued function
CREATE FUNCTION dbo.estimatedRows(@ID INT)
(ID    INT         NOT NULL,
 values_insert     NVARCHAR(100)         NOT NULL
    select ID,values_insert from jvtest where ID > @ID

--Test 1 : execute select using the multi table valued function
select * from dbo.estimatedRows(0)

--Test 2 : execute a standard select statement
select ID,values_insert from jvtest where ID > 0

--drop the table
drop table jvtest


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