max server memory and sql server memory – why is total memory greater than max memory?

29 May,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Why does total memory used by SQL Server – go over the max server memory  upper limit?

Max Server memory sets only the buffer pool . The Buffer Pool is only one memory allocation  in SQL Server.  The max server memory doesn’t include SQLOS and other internals.

To view the memory used by SQL Server use the SQLServer:Memory Manager\Total Server Memory counter in Performance Monitor

Don’t rely on Task Manager for the correct memory usage – read Task Manager not showing correct SQL Server memory usage

Use the Sys.dm_os_memory_clerks and AWE memory allocation numbers to troubleshoot internal memory pressure.

How to view the Max Server Memory (MB) set for the SQL Server Instance.


sp_configure 'max server memory'

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MEMORYCLERK_SQLGENERAL and sql memory memory usage

Memory objects allocated by SQL Server

SQL Server - How much resource is a SQL database using - memory, disk, IOPS,CPU

SQL Server – Memory: Pages sec, memory pressure and thrashing

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