Top 5 habits of Performance Tuning Experts

26 April,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Top Performance Tuning Experts have years of hard earned experience. They’ve worked on thousands of performance problems , acquiring in depth knowledge of SQL Server and the whole performance stack.

I’ve observed these top 5 habits of Performance Tuning Experts  


Learn everything about servers . You should have an in-depth experience of configuring Windows, SQL server , Service Broker, Caching Tier. Database Size, transactions per second and concurrent users  are continuously changing . If you don’t know how to understand and manipulate the components in-between a  client request  and the code, you are very limited in your ability to troubleshoot and improve performance

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Keeping up to date on performance – software and hardware – is  critical. Documenting all performance troubleshooting is a great learning tool.

Help is available

I work with SQL server and DB2. In my opinion, IBM DB2 has great documentation but the SQL Server community is much better developed.  There is some serious expertise  on various forums and through conferences. 

Budget for SQL Server performance experts . Downtime on SQL Server can be costly .


SQL Server default configurations since SQL Server 2005 are very good. But , different access and usage patterns can require configuration changes. 

Focus on bottlenecks – become effective

Don’t optimize on ghost issues. Don’t just blindly optimize. The “Kill it by Iron” approach is popular , as hardware becomes cheaper. Before upgrading hardware gather metrics  and  understand the bottlenecks. Understand the bottlenecks – fix them and move onto the next bottleneck. Repeat……

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