Backup database job with SQL Server Agent

11 April,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Sometimes I receive a request for instructions on how to set up a SQL Server Agent Job  to backup a database.

Setting up a SQL Server Agent Job  is easy with the GUI. Follow these instructions to set up a basic SQL Server Agent Job.

 Once you’ve set up this job to manage a backup , you can schedule a job or add custom error handling , for example, sending an email on success or failure or SQL Server - BackUp All Databases 

 Creating a backup can cause a high level of IO . Consider the impact of creating a backup on a server read more on BACKUPIO and sql database backup

Create a SQL Server Agent Job

Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS ) and connect to the SQL Server Instance. Expand the SQL Server Agent node and right click on Jobs , and click on New Job


Type the name

Type a name for the SQL Server Agent Job. Also make sure the owner is OK and has sufficient permissions

Click on Steps


Create the job step

Click on the New button


Add the code


Add a Step name and then add the code. The code in this example is to backup a database to disk . Use the script on SQL Server - BackUp All Databases to backup all databases. Customise the code for your requirements.

 Click OK


Click OK to create this job


Start the job

Expand the SQL Server Agent Job , right click on your job and click the Start Job option


Process Dialog

 Once you’ve started the job , a Process dialog will appear , reporting on in- progress job status


Check View History

 Expand the Jobs node , right click on the Job and View History.



Read More


SQL Server - Display sql backup history for a single database

BACKUP LOG with TRUNCATE_ONLY is discontinued

Slow SQL Server Backup and Restore with DBCC TRACEON (3004, 3605, -1)


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