Select all SQL Server Functions

12 March,2013 by Jack Vamvas

Question: How can I list all all SQL  Functions in a SQL Server database?

Answer:  Use the sys.objects  system SQL View and the type column to choose just the Functions.  Try not to use sys.sysobjects as it’s a deprecated view , to be decommissioned at some point in the future

Script to list all SQL Server functions


--Method 1 
--FN = SQL scalar function
--FS = Assembly (CLR) scalar-function
--FT = Assembly (CLR) table-valued function
--AF = Aggregate function (CLR)
--TF = SQL table-valued-function

select [name],[TYPE] from sys.objects 
where type IN ('FN','FS','FT','AF','TF')
order by [name]

--Method 2

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