Memory objects allocated by SQL Server

27 March,2013 by Tom Collins

Once SQL Server memory pressure is identified – drill down into  what objects are SQL Server allocated . From this query , you can get clues , about which objects are using the highest amount of memory .

The DMV Sys.dm_os_memory_objects - Returns current SQL Server allocations of memory objects.

The sys.dm_os_memory_clerks Returns the set of all memory clerks that are currently active in the instance of SQL Server

Joined at the “page_allocator_address” . It’s a unique address for a memory clerk

SELECT SUM (omo.pages_allocated_count * omo.page_size_in_bytes)/1024 as 'KB_Used', 
omo.type as 'Memory Object Type', 
omc.type as 'Memory Clerk Type'

FROM sys.dm_os_memory_objects omo

join sys.dm_os_memory_clerks omc on omo.page_allocator_address=omc.page_allocator_address

GROUP BY omo.type, omc.type, omc.type


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