DBA - Database Architect - Data Architect - What’s the difference ?

18 March,2013 by Jack Vamvas

DBA , Database Architect, Data Architect : I was asked to differentiate between these three job functions.

1) The different job functions are : Part of the same workflow, but serve different functions.

 2) A Data Architect looks at the wider use of data , independent of RDBMS.

A Database Architect focuses performance,optimisation, capacity planning, data storage techniques and so forth (more details below)

DBA works with the Database Architect to develop the relevant knowledge in being able to support the database systems.

3) How the skills are implemented depends on the organisation. In large organisations it is not unusual to see all three jobs represented by different people. Other organisations integrate all three skillsets into onto one job.

4) It depends on a number of factors such as skill level of staff  and service agreements .

 Some sample skills to differentiate Data Architect versus Database Architect

Database Architect

Database Engine in-depth

Database Design and Usage Patterns – OLTP ,DSS

Database Optimization Techniques such as Partitioned Tables, Queues,sql programming, Exceution Plans, Data File management to support different usage ,full range of Backup and Restore  strategies, Indexes, XML optimization

Performance Tuning – Strategies for improved performance

Disaster Recovery and High Availability -  Techniques such as Linux Clustering,Tivoli Storage Automation,HADR, SAN Replication,Database Mirroring planning on SQL server 2005

Security Architecture

Capacity Planning

Data Storage Techniques. Defining database server IO profiles  and mapping to storage methods such as DAS, SAN, SSD, RAID levels ,PCIe attached .


Data Architect

Database Design – Structured methods for design

Data Architecture – Conceptual Model methods

Data Analysis

Data Migration Tools

Data Modeling – Enterprise Data Modeling with an emphasis on transactional enterprise data models meeting normalization rules

Data Integration -  disparate source systems and disparate data formats.

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Author: Jack Vamvas (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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