How to identify a SQL Server guru

16 February,2013 by Jack Vamvas

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a guru is : “an influential teacher or popular expert”. The term “SQL Server guru “  started appearing in various contexts  in the last 20 years.  Other terms I’ve heard are “SQL Server master”, “SQL Server thought leader” and “SQL Server Rockstar”.

 The list of criteria for SQL Server guru status can be summed up by breaking the definition down as:

1) Knowledge – deep knowledge. Education and Practical

2) 5  years minimum focused – day in day out problem solving.

3) Attitude


Who are the SQL Server gurus ?

Use Google and search on “SQL Server Gurus” . Are these individuals gurus?


 Question to ask (and subvert) the SQL Server guru status?

 1)       “Have you done this yourself?”  It’s not unusual for an “expert” to repeat advice from other sources. The advice may be good quality, but are they sure it works?

2)       “What is the source of your knowledge?”  Is it based on experience or something you read in a magazine on the weekend?

3)       “Is this piece of advice always applicable?” Are there limitations or exceptions to this advice?

4)       “Do you have any Admissions of failure and mistakes?” Not everything works , trial and error are necessary.


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