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What are the triggers in SQL Server

13 December,2012 by Tom Collins

I use these two methods to  return a list of TRIGGERS for a SQL Server database.   Sometimes I need to just return a list of TRIGGERS for a specific table -   where I add an extra predicate  to return a TRIGGER list just for a table 

Method 1 – uses the view sys.triggers. The sys.triggers view returns DML and DDL triggers. The view  returns SQL Triggers and Assembly Triggers

Method 2 – shows only DML triggers , as they are schema scoped, and sysobjects returns only schema scoped objects.


--Method 1 

select object_name(parent_id) as [Table_name],object_name(object_id) as [Trigger_Name] from sys.triggers

--Method 2 
SELECT DISTINCT	SO.[name] AS [Table_name], TR.[name] AS [Trigger_name]
FROM	[sysobjects] as SO
JOIN	[sysobjects] as TR
	ON	SO.[id] = TR.[parent_obj]
WHERE	TR.[type] = 'TR'
--AND SO.[name] = ‘my_table’
ORDER BY [Table_name], [Trigger_name]

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