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SQL Server – Windows Environment Variables and Powershell

29 August,2012 by Tom Collins

Powershell allows you to access the Windows Environment Variables. This is very useful in collecting system information . I’ve applied this technique in  creating an inventory report or troubleshooting a server issue. The purpose of Environment variables is to set values  at the OS level – that will impact processes. Accessing and reporting on the variables quickly can assist in maintaining server uptime.

A straightforward way of accessing all the environment variables is to use  “Dir env:\”  . A full list of environment variables will appear.  Although the full list appears , it requires some string manipulation to isolate one variable and value. Powershell allows you to access the individual Environment variables .

When scripting , there is a requirement to access the environment variables individually. To access individually use  $env  followed by the Windows Environment variable . The example includes the common Environment Variables, although use     “Dir env:\” to view the full list of variables


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