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How to Predict SQL BACKUP DATABASE finish time with sys.dm_exec_requests

23 August,2012 by Tom Collins

Predicting the finish tme of a SQL BACKUP DATABASE command is useful.  The sys.dm_exec_requests    DMV offers some good clues to the finish time.

I was shrinking a  log file (due to long running transaction with no built in COMMITS ) that required some management  but  the command wasn’t executing successfully  , due to a running BACKUP DATABASE command . I needed to know the  percentage finished of the BACKUP DATABASE command

Running this script ,utilising sys.dm_exec_requests    I can see the estimated finish time . I’ve included a sample query , which returns a percent complete and estimated completion.


SELECT session_id,percent_complete,DATEADD(MILLISECOND,estimated_completion_time,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) Estimated_finish_time,
(total_elapsed_time/1000)/60 Total_Elapsed_Time_MINS ,
DB_NAME(Database_id) Database_Name ,command,sql_handle
FROM sys.dm_exec_requests WHERE command LIKE ‘%BACKUP DATABASE%’

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