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Powershell List all Patches Updates on a Server

23 June,2012 by Tom Collins

I was troubleshooting a SQL Server problem . I was stuck , as I couldn’t  remember making any changes. I started investigating any patch updates on the server.  Powershell and the Microsoft.Update.Session object do a go job on returning the patch list.

From discovering the latest patches updated , I was able to investigate what changes occurred.

This script lists all the patches/updates installed on the server

$MicrosoftUpdateSession = New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.Session 
$SearchResult = $null
$UpdateSearcher = $MicrosoftUpdateSession.CreateUpdateSearcher()
$UpdateSearcher.Online = $true
$SearchResult = $UpdateSearcher.Search("IsInstalled=1 and Type='Software'") 

$x = 1
foreach($Update in $SearchResult.Updates)
	Write-Host "$x : $($Update.Title + " - " + $Update.SecurityBulletinIDs)"
	$x += 1

Author: Tom Collins (


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