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SQL Server - How to find the largest sql index and table size

14 June,2012 by Tom Collins

Question: How can I find the largest sql table or sql  index in a database? I also want to report on the size of indexes and tables?

Answer:  Here are two different ways . Method 1 is more flexible – and you can build into reporting and capacity planning. Method 2 utilises the SQL Server Standard Report

Method 1

use myDB
CREATE TABLE #TableSpaceUsed

           Table_name NVARCHAR(255),
           Table_rows INT,
           Reserved_KB VARCHAR(20),
           Data_KB VARCHAR(20),
           Index_Size_KB VARCHAR(20),
           Unused_KB VARCHAR(20)


INSERT INTO #TableSpaceUsed

EXEC sp_msforeachtable 'sp_spaceused ''?'''

SELECT Table_name,Table_Rows,
CONVERT(INT,SUBSTRING(Index_Size_KB,1,LEN(Index_Size_KB) -2)) as indexSizeKB, 
CONVERT(INT,SUBSTRING(Data_KB,1,LEN(Data_KB) -2)) as dataKB, 
CONVERT(INT,SUBSTRING(Reserved_KB,1,LEN(Reserved_KB) -2)) as reservedKB, 
CONVERT(INT,SUBSTRING(Unused_KB,1,LEN(Unused_KB) -2)) as unusedKB
FROM #TableSpaceUsed
DROP TABLE #TableSpaceUsed


Method 2: Use the Disk Usage by Tables Report  .


To use: Right Click on Database on SSMS > Reports > Standard Reports > Disk Usage by Table

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Author: Tom Collins (


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