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Compare two files with Powershell

08 May,2012 by Tom Collins

Question: How can I compare two files and report on differences using Powershell ? I have two large T-SQL scripts , which both parse successfully on SSMS , but give me different results

Answer:   Comparing two files is a common DBA task. Use a  combination of  Powershell Get-Content and Compare-Object.

Get-Content gets the content of the file at the specified location

Compare-Object compares the two items and reports on the differences

 Create two variables and use Get-Content to assign the values. Compare the two variables using Compare-Object . Output the results to a file for analysis.


$strPrimary = Get-Content C:\primary.sql
$strSecondary = Get-Content  C:\secondary.sql
Compare-Object $strPrimary $strSecondary >C:\compareResults.txt

InputObject                                                 SideIndicator                                              
-----------                                                 -------------                                              
 GROUP BY mem.[first]                                         =>                                                         
 GROUP BY mem.[last]                                        <=                                                         

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