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How to monitor a SQL Server Rollback with sys.dm_exec_requests

22 November,2011 by Tom Collins

SQL  Rollback Transaction  is easy with  sys.dm_exec_requests. The dynamic management view (DMV) sys.dm_exec_requests returns information about each request that is executing within SQL Server.

Instead of using Activity Monitor to view the status of a Rollback , use this T-SQL code

Activity monitor is based on window panes and is cumbersome to export any information.

Using  t-sql allows extra flexibility in reporting.

Note (13 th Sept,2019 ) - Matthias in comments below suggested to add der.reads and der.writes as part of the recordset. This will assist in presenting a more granular breakdown of Rollback progress - so even though it percentage complete may be on  certain % - the reads and writes will continue to change


from sys.dm_exec_requests as der
where command IN ('killed/rollback','rollback')

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Author: Tom Collins (


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