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How to covert Powershell to HTML

03 August,2011 by Tom Collins

I use Powershell  for standardised scripts across the server inventory such as  running a job collection, security audit or performance statistics collection. Powershell to HTML is another option of displaying data and distrinuting to users.

Normally, I either save out the results in an Excel spreadsheet or a text file. I save out in an Excel spreadsheet if some data manipulation is required  or  a text file if it’s a notification .  

An example of using Excel as the output device is a sql server security audit – the server owner  will receive an Excel spreadsheet of all users on the database server.

Powershell to HTML file allows the benefits  of  a web based reporting system.   Other benefits include HTML formatting.

 The ConvertTo-Html Cmdlet does the job.

This Powershell script : a) creates an output device called “computer_info_<current_iso_date>.html”  in the current path

b) lists  all the processes on the computer

$isodate=Get-Date -format s 
$isodate=$isodate -replace(":","")
$basepath=(Get-Location -PSProvider FileSystem).ProviderPath
$outputfile="\computer_info_" + $isodate + ".html"
$outputfilefull = $basepath + $outputfile

Get-Process | ConvertTo-Html | Set-Content $outputfilefull

Output in HTML

Convert to html 

Notice how the output is basic. HTML is great for style. To add a “border = 1”  and make the information easier to scan  use this script – which is similar to the above scripts with some adjustments.


$isodate=Get-Date -format s 
$isodate=$isodate -replace(":","")
$basepath=(Get-Location -PSProvider FileSystem).ProviderPath
$outputfile="\computer_info_" + $isodate + ".html"
$outputfilefull = $basepath + $outputfile

Get-Process | ConvertTo-Html -head $style| Set-Content $outputfilefull 

Output in HTML

Convert to html border 

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