Top 10 DBA Tips to develop your competitive edge

23 May,2011 by Jack Vamvas

The purpose of the article is to list my top 10 DBA tips  to concentrate on in developing the competitive edge. There are of course many more DBA and related technolgies skills.

1) Read everything , across all platforms. Download SQL Server 2008 Books Online  and read it all
2) Develop some extreme db apps, including Auditing,data analysis & security
3) SQL Server Security fundamentals
4) Router security and attack methods
5) Write a book , on your DBA speciality
6) Specialise in a partcular area e.g datawarehouse analysis
7) Advanced TCP/IP
8) Sign-on solutions, file encryption solutions, certificate server
9) Oracle,PostgreSQL,MS sql server,Mysql,DB2- even though most DBAs specialise in one , get to know them all.
10) Programming

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