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SQL Server - sp_MSforeachtable

26 August,2010 by Tom Collins

This is an undocumented stored procedure. It's found in the master db and accepts the following input parameters.It returns one (or greater ) rows for every table. Each table has it's own resultset .

I find it useful for managing a process such as a sql server rapid tuning for an emergency performance issue


--Input parameters :

@command1 nvarchar(2000),
@replacechar nchar(1) = N'?',
@command2 nvarchar(2000) = null,
@command3 nvarchar(2000) = null, 
@whereand nvarchar(2000) = null,
@precommand nvarchar(2000) = null, 
@postcommand nvarchar(2000) = null

--An example:

exec sp_MSforeachtable 
 @command1 = 'print ''Processing table ?''',
 @command3 = 'print ''Processed table ?'''

Author: Tom Collins (


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