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19 August,2010 by Tom Collins

Free SQL Server Tools  and paid for tools  make up the the list of DBA tools below. It's useful  to list the range of software utilities I use when managing SQL Server.I'm amazed at the range of tools required to manage SQL Server on Production systems.
They cover object management , monitoring , troubleshooting , code writing , copying large files .
I specifically haven't added Profiler even through I use it extensively .

I'd be interested in hearing your feedback and also finding out what other tools other utilites DBAs use .

SQL server Management Studio - Learn how to Open SSMS without the splash screen graphic
Powershell - View Powershell Scripts for DBA 

Command Shell
Tivoli Storage Manager
ESEUTIL - Use to copy very large files - non buffering approach . Much faster than COPY
Tivoli Monitoring
Microsoft Management Console - Allows me one console to manage RDP , Active Directory,Compute Management
SQLCMD - Utility to run statements and script files. Command line interface
Programmers Notepad - Excellent and probably the best code editor I've used
SQLIO - returns IO capacity data . Free utility from Microsoft
TableDiff.exe - very useful utility ,for comparing two tables . Installed with SQL Server.
SQLDumper.exe Kdiff/CompareIt - compare 2+ files.
Log Parser does just what it says: parses logs, from pretty much any source, and allows you to run mock-SQL on it.
SQLTeam's Cleartrace (brief report based on a trace file - what was run, how much CPU/IO each took on average and in aggregate) is a must.
SQLTeam ScriptIO - what SSMS SHOULD do when you right-click to script out (yes, you can use the Generate Scripts option, but it seems half-assed). Quickly script out objects including all secondaries like indexes, triggers, etc.
RML utilities - parse and report from a trace. Surprisingly cool and quite effective. Cleartrace meets Reporting Services.
Treesize - easily figure out where all your disk space went.
Perfstats - The Perfstats scripts used with SQLDiag offer a great way of troubleshooting SQL Server Performance Problems


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Author: Tom Collins (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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