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How To Contact Jack Vamvas

27 March,2010 by Tom Collins

Jack Vamvas is a full time DBA  with in depth experience of DB2 LUW,  SQL Server, MongoDB and PostgresQL . In the meantime ,  You can find Jack on, LinkedIn  ,  , ,

I  specialise in Tuning, Optimisation, SQL Programming, database design and also involved in a full range of database management procedures.  I work for a number of Top 100 companies specialising in managing large database environments - using multiple database platforms such as DB2 LUW,  SQL Server, MongoDB and PostgreSQL  environments

Improve SQL Server and DB2 performance.  I identify and solve bottlenecks fast. Cut through the complexity with proven solutions to problems.  Don't waste money on expensive hardware upgrades.

I've posted a list of Frequently Asked Questions . Check to see if your question is answered otherwise  use the methods listed below to contact me.

I enjoy marathon training and  running marathons 

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How to request SQL Server troubleshooting

How to report a SQL Server performance problem



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 Post  Jack Vamvas  an email on [email protected]



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