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24 February,2012 by Jack Vamvas

Developers constantly ask about placing the latest code\feature\process\third party applications onto  Production Database Servers.

I’m building an FAQ  to supply Developers – as this could save me having very similar conversations .  

 Some other reasons for retaining a process is :

a)       Maintain database standards such as ISO-11179 Naming Conventions and SQL DDL  and

b)      Server standards such as Should libraries be installed on database servers ?

c)       Maximsing     SQL Server system redundancy and high availability             


1)       I want to set up a new database server Instance or a database within an existing   Instance .


Create a helpdesk request , outlining requirements. A member of the DBA Team will supply you with documentation. The documentation will request information regarding: Management requirements,Capacity Planning , Database Engine,Security, SSIS,SSAS,SSRS and Master Data Services.

 A meeting will be organized to complete the requirements documentation

 2)       I want to make a change  on existing code?


Create a change request . Add a member of the DBA team as an approver, who’ll review the code and advise on impact


3)       Can I place objects , such as Stored Procedures , with .Net code on a Production Database Server?


Yes, but certain conditions must be met.  As the DBA team we’d like :

  1. a document specifying the functionality
  2.  Predicted execution frequency and duration of the code
  3. Justify on a technical level why integrating into the database server is the best approach
  4. Some details on alternatives – and the impact on business usage and maintenance overhead.
  5. What is the CPU and memory overhead of .Net code usage
  6. Who supports the code ?
  7. A brief conversation discussing the above


4)       Can we integrate other SQL Server features such as Reporting Services, Analysis Services or SSIS?

Yes. There are already implementations of these features on Production Servers. Some of the key questions to discuss are : a) is this a third party vendor requirement – if so , is there internal support if troubleshooting is required.

b) If you’re planning on implementing SSIS for migrating data , outline the workflow and impact on other resources


 Request a meeting with a DBA team member to discuss options

 5)       Can I create a SQL server Agent Job to run regular jobs?


Yes. Keep in mind , generally database servers only host SQL servers. There would have to be a strong reason to process jobs on the database server. Justification is required.


  1. Are Logs set up?
  2. Is documentation available to describe the workflow?
  3. In case of Disaster Recovery , do these job need to keep operating?



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Author: Jack Vamvas (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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