System Reserved Partition and monitoring

02 December,2011 by Jack Vamvas

On Windows 2008 R2  , a System Reserved Partition is created. It is 100 MB and acts as a preparatory step for implementing Bitlocker. The installation doesn’t install Bitlocker.  BitLocker is a disk encryption method  for full disk encryption.

The System Reserved Partition  can cause problems in some monitoring tools.  The System Reserved Partition volume is unmapped but  is monitored by default on some monitoring agents.  

Various vendors have workarounds for excluding the System Reserved Partition information and therefore false alerts.  When monitoring a Database Server such as SQL Server or DB2  accurate and effective alerts are critical.When monitoring SQL Server Database Status  this can cause much DBA stress

For example , IBM  have introduced an environment variable NT_EXCLUDE_UNMAPPED_DISKS. This variable can be configured in the Windows OS agent KNTENV configuration file and can take the values:

0 (default) = HardDiskVolume# disks are monitored, if present.

1 = HardDiskVolume# labeled disks are not be monitored.

Speak to other vendors about workarounds for excluding this information

System reserved partition

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