Performance Monitor Counters for SQL Server performance testing

23 September,2011 by Jack Vamvas

I posted  Window Perfmon scripting, SQL Server perfmon and how to perfmon which refers to a performance monitor counters.

The  perfmon counters I use for SQL Server performance testing are listed below.

I place the list below into the perfmon_base_counters.cfg  file.

Note: some modifications need to occur , such as Drive letters and SQL Server Instances below. Adjust accordingly.  


"\Memory\Available MBytes"
"\Memory\Page Faults/sec"
"\Memory\Paging File(_Total)\%Usage"
"\Processor(_Total)\% Privileged Time"
"\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"
"\Processor(_Total)\% User Time"
"\System\Context Switches/sec"
"\Network Interface\Packets Sent/sec"
"\Network Interface\Packets Received/sec"
"\LogicalDisk(H:)\Disk Reads/sec"
"\LogicalDisk(I:)\Disk Reads/sec"
"\LogicalDisk(J:)\Disk Reads/sec"
"\LogicalDisk(H:)\Disk Writes/sec"
"\LogicalDisk(I:)\Disk Writes/sec"
"\LogicalDisk(J:)\Disk Writes/sec"
"\MSSQL$MYINSTANCE:SQL Statistics\SQL Compilations/sec"
"\MSSQL$MYINSTANCE:SQL Statistics\SQL Re-Compilations/sec"
"\MSSQL$MYINSTANCE:General Statistics\Logins/sec"
"\MSSQL$MYINSTANCE:General Statistics\Logouts/sec"
"\MSSQL$MYINSTANCE:SQL Statistics\Batch Requests/sec"

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