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SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 Upgrade tasks

05 September,2010 by Jack Vamvas

Upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 (or SQL Server 2008) requires some organisation. It is important to create and maintain a task list.

I use the general list of tasks as a basis or template. I  customise the list for every SQL Server instance. By the end of the consultation the list can grow to over 100 tasks , depending on the database server size , the amount of application layer built in to the database and the server environment.

 The example below is a real-world example of a task list. It was a SQL Server 2005 upgrade .

I manage the task list through Microsoft Excel. Every task is associate with categories:

When  (PreConfig,Post Config)

Source  (Monitoring,Backup,DTS,Databases,Server)

Owner   (Main reference for task)

Start Time

End Time



I also have detailed upgrade plans for every component – such as Backup devices plan, SysMessages , Replication, DTS, Pre Upgrade, Post Upgrade etc.


Confirm RSA support

MYDB  delete tables

Allow dummy drives(H: I: J: )

Confirm existing sql server 2000 installation scripts

Confirm sql server 2000 binaries are in location

Prepare SQL Server Installation scripts

TSM Client Drivers for SQL Server 2005

Install\Confirm Monitoring drivers for 2005

usage of cname is done -

Default language settings for English - check script

Confirm DTS tested on 2005

Confirm Jobs tested on 2005

Analyze system databases for user-defined objects

Develop “Fix upgrade issues in SQL Tasks” script

usage of cname  -

Script Linked Server Configuration

Script Jobs

Script Alerts

Script Operators

Script Backup Devices

Script User-defined messages

Script Users, Roles and Logins

Backup all databases to TSM

Change backup schedule change  for the weekend

Backup all databases to to Local Disk

Confirm from owner it is OK to proceed with upgrade

Request mirrorrs are broken

Uninstall BMFMySQL on Server1

Detach databases

Uninstall server1\myinstance

Install SQL Server 2005 - Standard Edition

Install SQL Server 2005 - Service Pack 2

DTS Designer Install

Restore databases   via attach

Execute Script Linked Server Configuration

Execute Script Jobs

Execute Script Alerts

Excute Script Operators

Execute Script Backup Devices

Execute Script User-defined messages

Execute Script Users, Roles and Logins

Execute scripts - \config\*



recompile all objects


SQL Server Index Maintenance Strategy

Implement Database Backup Maintenance Plans

Check Monitoring is connecting user 'itmsql'

hand over to owners

Signed of by Application Owner


Notify storage to reset mirrors

 As I progress through the upgrade , the task list is altered to reflect  new issues or tasks. For example, there may be a requirement to complete a SQL Server security audit or a DTS to SSIS .

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Author: Jack Vamvas (


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